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The overall three-campus U-M budget is comprised of four funds:

The General Fund

The General Fund relies largely on student fees and state appropriations and pays for teaching, research, library services, student scholarships, fellowships, and maintenance and operation of physical properties, among other services.

Sources of General Fund Revenue — Ann Arbor, Fiscal Year 2007–08

Uses of General Fund Revenue — Ann Arbor, Fiscal Year 2007–08

The Designated Fund

The Designated Fund includes departmental activities and other revenues with use restricted by University policies.

The Expendable Restricted Fund

This fund includes gifts, grants and sponsored programs (from alumni, individuals, foundations, industry, and federal, state, and local government units) dedicated to educational and general purposes.

The Auxiliary Activities Fund

The Auxiliary Activities Fund is maintained with revenue from units’ own operations, such as the University’s hospitals and residence halls.

All Funds Revenues Ann Arbor Campus Budgeted Fiscal Year 2007–2008

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