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Information About Graduate Student Instructors and Staff Assistants at the University of Michigan

How Much GSIs are Paid

Updated February 2011


The typical GSI at U-M has a 50% appointment, working between 16.5 and 20 hours per week during the eight-month academic year and earning a salary, health and dental benefits for themselves and their dependents, and a full tuition grant. The median half-time GSI salary for eight months in 2010-11 is $17,270. That equals at least $24.91 per hour and is the equivalent of a full-time annual salary of $51,810. The hourly wage levels for all GSIs are well above the “living wage” as defined by the City of Ann Arbor. In addition, the tuition grant ranges from $9,454 to over $50,000, depending upon the enrollment status of the student and his or her area of study.

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How Much GSIs Are Paid

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Information About Graduate Student Instructors at the University of Michigan

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