U-M & 9/11, A Decade Later

The University of Michigan remembers the tragedy of 9/11 with special events and stories from those who reflect on the day 10 years ago.

Remembering September 11

In a quiet area of the Alumni Center lobby rests a plaque dedicated to the alumni who died in the attacks of September 11.

Visit the Alumni Association website for the complete list and survivor stories.

9/11 + 10

On the 10-year anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, University of Michigan students, alums and faculty talk about how the world has changed.
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Ten years later, how has Sept. 11 shaped America?

U-M faculty experts say the lasting impact on American society ranges from modest to profound, depending on the segment of society affected.
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U-M remembers 9/11 with events, Rosenthal Lecture

Sultan Sooud Al-Qassemi, a scholar, columnist and Twitter commentator, will give the 2011 Josh Rosenthal Education Fund Lecture on Sept. 21. The lecture is named after a 1979 U-M graduate who died in the terror attacks on the World Trade Center.
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U-M experts available to discuss Sept. 11, its aftermath 10 years later

Ask M: Professor Juan Cole invites questions on situations in the Middle East since 9/11

Stereotyping the "Enemy"

LSA assistant professor of American culture Evelyn Alsultany reflects on media representations of Arabs and Muslims.
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