President Mary Sue Coleman statement in support of MSA president


Sept. 30, 2010

As the Board of Regents stated at its Sept. 16 meeting, "When one member of our community is targeted, we are all attacked."

A high-profile situation involving one of our students is highlighting the importance of values that our institution holds dear. An individual has chosen to target the elected president of the U-M student body in a reprehensible manner.

To protect Michigan Student Assembly President Chris Armstrong and others, our campus police have issued a trespass warning prohibiting this individual from coming onto the Ann Arbor campus.

In addition to its internal action, the university also has called upon others in positions of authority to take all appropriate action to address this situation.

As a community, we must not and will not accept displays of intolerance. We are heartened, but not surprised, by the response of the campus community in supporting Chris. We are impressed with his resiliency and stand by him and the important work he is doing on behalf of all of our students.

President Mary Sue Coleman

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