The Office of the Vice President for Global Communications provides guidance, expertise and a full range of services for the campus community that raise awareness about and enhance the reputation of the University of Michigan that include:

Brand Identity

The University of Michigan brand identity is an important part of building and presenting our image. The OVPGC is instrumental in developing and maintaining U-M’s overall brand presence worldwide. In addition to the standard U-M marks, OVPGC also helps units create identities for events, anniversaries and special programs.

For questions about or permission to use our logos, please contact the brand standards team at

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Brand Standards
Logo Guidelines
Logo Downloads

Creative Services

Michigan Creative develops and implements strategic marketing solutions that promote U-M’s global brand and reputation. Its team of writers, designers, project managers, photographers, and web and video professionals provide a full range of creative services for the U-M campus and Health System, including:

  • Consultation, marketing/branding strategy and planning
  • Project planning, estimating and coordination
  • Concept development and graphic design
  • Website and mobile architecture, design and development
  • Writing and editorial services
  • Photography
  • Video production
  • Print production planning and print buying
  • Mailing and fulfillment

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Design Principles
Editorial Style Guide

News, Media & Public Relations

Crisis Communication and Issues Management

When a crisis arises at the university, the Public Affairs group is a crucial part of the response team. They act as the conduit for accurate and timely information to the media and public, while protecting the interests of the university and serving as a buffer to allow other members of the response team to perform their duties. In crisis planning and drilling, they provide expert advice for improving communications performance.

Public Affairs also can help identify, analyze and manage complicated issues and develop, implement and evaluate strategies to ensure that the right messages are communicated to the right audiences both internally and externally.

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Internal Communications

The weekly print and daily online University Record keep U-M faculty and staff informed about what is happening across campus and throughout higher education, and serve as a place to share information with the broader U-M community. The Record website features faculty who have been in the news media, highlighted events and links to the many activities across campus. The Record print edition highlights the work of faculty and staff, the latest news from across campus, faculty research and awards and staff contributions to U-M.

Contact: 734-936-0105 or

News Releases, Media Outreach, TV studio and News Clips

Michigan News promotes research, major events, expertise and programs to enhance the university’s reputation around the world. The office uses multiple methods and platforms for storytelling including news release distribution, social media engagement and multimedia production. An emphasis on global news outreach includes the translation of news releases into four languages and shared with international media along with engagement on social platforms including China’s Weibo. Michigan News promotes U-M experts on relevant topics of the day and offers a satellite uplink studio for live or taped interviews by broadcast media networks.

As a result of this work, the university is featured and shared with millions of people by all forms of media, including mainstream national news outlets and influential bloggers. These clips are tracked and edited to share with the campus community through a daily clip service offered through the OVPGC.

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Media Relations Training

The OVPGC provides media training to faculty and administrators and specific guidance on proven techniques to do a successful and effective interview.

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Public Relations/Communication Planning

The OVPGC can help develop public relations/communication plans to ensure projects are comprehensive and their success is measurable. Our team works closely with units to develop strategies for delivering effective and timely communications to internal and external audiences. The plans include:

  • Audience identification
  • Communications goals and objectives
  • Communication team and spokespeople
  • Key messages
  • Project timeline
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Strategy of communication vehicles
  • Assessment and feedback tools

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U-M Facts & Figures
Key Issues
Tips on Working With the Media

Photography, Film & Video


Michigan Photography provides high-quality photography at competitive rates for the campus community, the media and the general public. They also offer a comprehensive central photography service and a large digital photography archive of exclusive U-M images.

Contact: 734-764-9217 or


Interested in producing a commercial film in Michigan? The University of Michigan Film Office helps facilitate the campus filming experience. U-M offers a wide range of exterior and interior settings, including a world-famous law quad modeled on the architecture of Cambridge and Oxford universities and buildings in the Beaux Arts, Italian Renaissance, Arts & Crafts and modern styles. The Film Office helps filmmakers find the perfect location and make all necessary arrangements for a smooth production.

Its team also helps students and faculty secure locations for academic productions.

Contact: 734-763-5800 or


Videos bring stories to life and have the ability to convey communications messages in remarkable ways. The OVPGC has a staff of expert videographers who can help craft the best video representation of a message — from a 30-second clip for a website to a longer documentary about services, projects or programs.

The team at Michigan News can help coordinate broadcast-quality interviews with faculty experts on videotape or via satellite with national and regional media. Their satellite uplink enables faculty experts to be interviewed by television outlets from around the world. They can also help coordinate interfaces with the media and handle technical work.

Contact: 734-764-7260 or

Michigan Media is a full service video production unit offering professional creative and technical assistance to the U-M community. Video production is supported with state-of-the-art professional standard and high-definition equipment, both in acquisition and post-production activities. Program development, event coverage, and video distribution via Web, disc, or alternate technologies are areas of special expertise.

Contact: 734-615-8000 or


Film & Video Guidelines

Social Media

UMSocial maintains the strategic direction and development of all university-wide social accounts, as well as, subsidiary college, school and program presences. This team is available to all U-M campuses and the Health System for:

  • Social media consultation
  • Strategic direction
  • Facilitation and training
  • Content collaboration and unified social media messaging

The official U-M Facebook page, with its growing fan base, is intended as a place to share news from across the campus, and units are encouraged to suggest content.

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Social Media Strategy & Guidelines