Meeting Minutes: November

Attending: Matthew Adams, PF Anderson, Glenda Bullock, Chase Masters, Nicole Rhoads, Matt Thieleman, Alaina Wiens

ROUNDTABLE (Tips, Tools, Techniques, Trouble)


Getting Your Google Out:
1) Account Data Liberation
2) Takeout

Social Media Wedding
@cookbook / eat-tweet

SearchHash > search hashtags, export to spreadsheet

International Institute New Media Symposium (will do blogpost)

launched new websites for the UM News Services
Check out the navbar

Common challenge to find images to support stories. Resources:
MLibrary Image Archive; check box for “Filter by Format: Image Collections”
Wikimedia Commons

Accessibility resources – Fonts:
Read Regular


SnapBird > search people

Google Plus: Social Media at Michigan for Communicators
Chase is the administrator


- G+, not a koolaid drinker
- Muppet Google Hangout
- SI alumni mag special issue on social media
- Facebook metrics
- Brands don’t have a choice about adopting G+, because search is so important, and G+ feeds into search discovery


Some great applications have come in. Everything still in process.


“HighEdWeb is the annual conference for all higher education Web professionals—from programmers to marketers to designers to all team members in-between—who want to explore the unique Web issues facing colleges and universities.”

Blogpost coming on this. Key highlights:

Blogging by students & investors blogging (Ross)
Crisis communications
- carefully crafted messages
- keep an archive of examples & best practices
- use simple phrasing
- learn more via Twitter #smem
Customer service
- post response flowchart (DePaul)
- Air Force blog post response flowchart
Realtime campus event coverage
- Universities spend 99% of event-related resources on the 1% who actually come to events
- How to maximise engaged audience via backchannel. (2nd chair flautist story)
- More:
- Opportunity: commencement, live tweeting
- Opportunity: HASTAC11 at UM
Better education through the web
- Storify (not for conversation, but for documenting)
- Digeridoo post story
Carrying the banner
- reinventing the news
- Slideshare
- Tufts Now
Microdonations via social media (is there a UM policy on this?)
Best practices
- use hashtags
- engage in conversation


Why Choose Oberlin

Operation Hail

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  1. Has a Social Media Director been hired yet?

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