Star Award

During our busy day-to-day work lives, we often forget to let our colleagues know how much we appreciate their talents and contributions to our team. We all know how great it feels to be recognized for good work. A pat on the back can really go a long way toward building a culture of respect. The Star Award is your chance to give a shout out to those special colleagues that inspire you and help make OVPC shine.

What makes a person a Star? Perhaps their effort was above and beyond. Did a project require collaboration or leadership? Did they provide creative solutions or improve our efficiency or effectiveness? Do they work quietly behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly? Perhaps their contributions pushed one of our strategic priorities forward or helped make us a more diverse, equitable or inclusive workplace.

Make a nomination today: Just fill out and submit this form.

Once a quarter, we will draw a name from the submissions and award a certificate to the chosen Star of the month. All nominations each month will be included in the drawing for the next Star Award announced.

All OVPC staff are eligible for Star awards. Nominations for other staff will only be considered for extraordinary service to our division.

Star Award

If you have questions about the Star award, please contact Dave Reid at