Star Award Nominees

Congratulations to the following Star Award nominees and winners. Thank you for all you do to make OVPC a great place to work. You are appreciated!

Current Winner

June 2019

Jamie Iseler as the Star Award. winner
Star of the Month: Jamie Iseler
Reason for nomination: 

Jamie is the bedrock of the University Record. He always is thoughtful and considerate in his handling of emergent issues. One recent weekend, he was on deck to get the print edition finished and off to the printer once Commencement finished. During this time, he was available to immediately receive and publish the governor’s remarks so that UM Social could use them. He also finished the digital edition in record time so that it could be linked from the Gateway. One never has to wonder whether Jamie will come through on a Saturday. He always does.

Previous Winners

March 2019

Star of the Month: Kim Broekhuizen, Christopher Billick and Nikki Sunstrum
Reason for nomination: 

Kim Broekhuizen, Christopher Billick and Nikki Sunstrum worked tirelessly the weekend of March 16th during and after the false report of a shooting on campus. Together, they made sure that we had the facts, working hand-in-hand with our DPSS colleagues to develop an overall summary of the situation, then pushed it out across campus and to the news media and beyond. They kept our community informed during a chaotic weekend. They kept other team members informed, consulted quickly and made decisions in the heat of the moment, demonstrating the best of both commitment and professionalism. Congratulations for this well-deserved recognition.

January 2019

Star of the Month: Greta Guest
Reason for nomination: 

Greta handles news and experts in business, economics and tech transfer, as well as coordinating stories for the Detroit Initiative. But perhaps equally valuable are her attitude and excitement that she brings to the newsroom. Always the team player, Greta never fails to participate in group activities, workshops and outings. She takes time to develop and lead media training sessions for faculty.

November 2018

Star of the Month: Margie Gonzales
Reason for nomination: 

Many of you may never know what Margie does behind the scenes, but this fall, she produced the all-staff meeting, and then, within a two-week span she coordinated the many location details for this year’s ESPN Game Day production on campus and for a Chinese group filming an alumni documentary. She has joined the DEI team and collaborates with others to do the impossible every day, all with a smile on her face.

October 2018

Star of the Month: Diane Tochman
Reason for nomination: 

The October Star award goes to Diane Tochman. She deserves recognition for managing this year’s Diversity Summit event. This event had a large scope, many moving parts, and an aggressive timeline. Diane collaborated with many people, within Michigan Creative, Michigan Media, Michigan Social, The Office of DEI and the Provost. The Office of DEI was very happy with the production, promotion and turn-out for the event, and we thank Diane for her leadership in this production. She is a star.

September 2018

Star of the Month: Sydney Hawkins
Reason for nomination: 

If you enjoy learning about arts and culture at Michigan through our portal,, you can thank Sydney. She collaborates across campus to bring us stories and events. Sydney also works with a number of students, sharing her expertise and giving them real-world experience in content marketing and social media. Most importantly, she is a positive force who lifts the spirits of those around her.

August 2018

Star of the Month: Bill Buswinka
Reason for nomination: 

For going above and beyond every day with a positive, resourceful determination to solve problems. Bill has been known to assist three people simultaneously, remotely and on his day off. Now that’s dedication and service.

July 2018

Star of the Month: Shannon Hill
Reason for nomination: 

Shannon Hill is certainly a star. The Freedom of Information Act office wouldn’t run smoothly without her help. She works diligently to complete the high volume of requests the office has received this year on time and with care. She is smart, insightful and consistently puts in the extra effort to get the job done.

June 2018

Star of the Month: Danielle Seering
Reason for nomination: 

Her high level of support for her team at Michigan Radio. She shares great ideas, oversees social media, supports eNews and makes sure sponsors are well served. Her style is the glue that makes her department a positive place to work.

May 2018

Star of the Month: Deborah Holdship
Reason for nomination: 

Her consistent efforts to build the reputation of the University of Michigan and our Vice President for Communications staff, especially by preparing nominations of her coworkers for the annual Case Awards.

April 2018

Star of the Month: Hanna Quinlan
Reason for nomination: 

Helps to foster a fun and supportive work culture.