Specialty Subgroup: Design

THE DESIGN SUBGROUP is comprised of design practitioners who execute the brand on behalf of the University. Our subgroup understands the value of bringing the University of Michigan design community together to meet, network, share, and grow. It is our goal to provide each of you with best practices, tools, resources, and professional development opportunities that will enhance your skillset while creating an environment for you to share your stories and your work.

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Leadership Team:

  • Rene Dupont, Biomedical Research Core Facilities
  • Jenna Smallidge, School of Nursing
  • Martin Soave, Michigan Creative
  • Jameson Staneluis, Rackham Graduate School

Planning Committee:

  • Emma Bumstead, LSA Advancement
  • Graciela Demerath, Office of University Development
  • JoAnn Ford, UM Flint Recreation Center
  • Sarah LaTarte, Office of University Development
  • Colleen Leh, Center for Health Communication Research
  • Corinne Lenz, Alumni Association
  • Sara McDonnell, Michigan Language Assessment
  • Emily Smith, Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation
  • Madeline Van Remmen, Michigan Medicine Office of Development