URL Shortener

Shortened URLs make it easy to type in a web address quickly and provide important analytics to help you understand how your links are performing in social, print, email, and on the web.

Campus short URL

URLs that begin with myumi.ch are created with the URL shortener maintained by the U-M Office of the Vice President for Communications and is used by UMSocial and other official U-M social media accounts. Departments interested in obtaining shortened U-M URLs or access to the tool for social media or print use can contact umdigital@umich.edu.

You can preview the full URL by adding + to the end of the shortlink. For example: myumi.ch/JW7o2+

The ITS Safe Computing site has additional information about URL shortening and security.

Michigan Medicine

Michigan Medicine utilizes the domain michmed.org for their short URLs. These are managed in the same system.

Academic researchers

U-M researchers needing bulk shortened URLs for research surveys can contact umdigital@umich.edu for access to a special academic shortening tool. These short URLs are differentiated from the regular campus URLs by using the umresear.ch domain.