URL Shortener

Shortened URLs make it easy to type in a web address quickly and provide important analytics to help you understand how your links are performing in social, print, email, and on the web.

The U‑M Office of the Vice President for Communications maintains a tool free of charge for the U‑M community to create branded short URLs.

You can preview the full URL by adding + to the end of the short url. For example: myumi.ch/JW7o2+.

The ITS Safe Computing site has additional information about URL shortening and security.

Short Domains

  • myumi.ch
    This is the domain primarily used by the U‑M community at large.
  • michmed.org
    Michigan Medicine utilizes this domain for their short URLs.
  • umresear.ch
    U‑M researchers needing bulk shortened URLs for research surveys can contact umdigital@umich.edu for access to a special academic domain.


Access to the basic shortener tool functionality is performed automatically upon login.  Users will be assigned to department groups associated with their employment roles.  Some temporary employees (e.g. Student workers) may not be granted access automatically.  Those users will need to contact umdigital@umich.edu for access.

Login to the URL Shortener.


  • Usage analytics (hits by date, time, referrer, country, & state)
  • Branded QRCodes
  • Custom short keys (restricted functionality)
    If you have a need for a custom short key you can send a request to umdigital@umich.edu with the desired key and destination.  We do require the custom key to be as unique to your use as possible.
  • API (restricted functionality)
  • Bulk Create (restricted functionality)