Senior Staff

Office of the Vice President for Communications
University of Michigan
2028 Fleming Building
503 Thompson Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1340
Phone: 734-763-5800
Fax: 734-936-0775

Kallie Bila Michels, Vice President for Communications
2028 Fleming Building
Office: 734-763-5800
Assistant: Tracy Justice – 734–764–3526,

Christopher Billick, Director of Digital Strategy
1040 Fleming Building
Office: 734-647-0747

Rick Fitzgerald, Assistant Vice President for Public Affairs
2026 Fleming Building
Office: 734-615-1563

Roger Hart, Director, Michigan Photography
500 S. State St
Room 0246 LSA
Office: 734-764-9217

John Kepley, Director of Executive Communications
2046 Fleming Building
Office: 734-647-9344

Laura Lessnau, Director, Michigan News
412 Maynard St.,1399
Office: 734-647-1851

Dave Reid, Chief of Staff and Director of Communications
Senior Director, Human Resource Communications
2040 Fleming Building
Office: 734-647-1849
Assistant: Margie Gonzales – 734-763-5800,

Steve Schram, Executive Director and General Manager, Michigan Public Media
535 W. William, Suite 110
Office: 734-764-9210

Nicole Sunstrum, Director, Social Media
535 W. William, Suite 2100
Office: 734-764-9270

Guy Winter, Managing Director, Michigan Creative
535 W. William, Suite 2100
Office: 734-936-0923